Thomas A.

When I talked with Dr. Irwin, he took the time to really listen to me about my vision issues. He explained to me about how healthy eyes work together for good clear vision. But with only one good eye, mine couldn’t. He suggested a contact lens instead of glasses. I had never really thought about how limiting my sight was with only 1 eye looking through an eyeglass frame. And Dr. Irwin wasn’t just going to give me a prescription and send me on my way. He has taken the time to really make sure that my vision is the best it can be when driving, reading and working at my computer.


Since switching to the contact lens, I’m seeing better than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Irwin, and everyone at Global Complex Care, for your expertise and patience for improving my vision so much. You all have shown that you care about how your patients are doing 24/7, not just when they are in your offices.