About Global Contact Lens Specialists

Founded in 1975 by two brothers as a specialty eye care practice and has since been recognized both nationally and internationally...


ounded in 1975 by two brothers as a specialty eye care practice and has since been recognized both nationally and internationally for excellence in the Specialty Contact Lens field (Keratoconus/Irregular corneas), Post LASIK  and Post RK Side Effects/Complication, and Dry Eye Treatment and Management.

Global Contact Lens Specialists has the expertise and specialized equipment to focus on eye care problems that other offices can not address: treatment for Post LASIK / Post RK side effects;  Irregular Corneas\ Keratoconus contact lenses and treatment; patients who have trouble wearing contact lenses or those who have been told they can’t wear contacts.  The doctors at Global Contact Lens Specialists are always up to date with the newest research and technology.  The office maintains all the latest diagnostic instruments available. They have the latest instruments that can be found in only a few places in the country, including an Oculus Keratograph, Zeiss Visante OCT Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography, and Zeiss Atlas WaveFront Topographer, which can find slight irregularities of the cornea. The practice is also continually involved in FDA studies involving contact lenses, contact lens solutions, dry eye diagnosis and treatment.

Many contact lens wearers believe that dry eyes are a normal part of wearing contact lenses and that nothing can be done about the problem. Symptoms like eye fatigue, red eyes, and slightly blurred vision are all symptoms that can be addressed. The problem is that many practices don’t know how to deal with these critical issues. That’s why patients come from Texas, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, New York, New Jersey and other states, and as far as India, South Africa, Australia and Israel for the expert care that they can’t find anywhere else. 

The Global Contact Lens Specialists team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, surgeons, technicians, opticians, and staff work together to offer the most meticulous and personalized eye care available. We provide focused eye care to each individual patient. 

Our doctors listen carefully to patients and prescribe treatment plans for each person and situation. “The most common complaint we get from people about doctors they have seen in the past is about the quality of eye examination,” says Dr. Thomas Azman. “A meticulous, comprehensive eye exam is essential,” he says. “Not an eye-glass exam, but one specifically for contact lenses for the patient’s specific challenges.” Dr. Irwin Azman continues, “Most eye doctors see about 3, 000 patients a year, and because of that they have less time to do a thorough review of a patient’s medical records and history. As a result, they don’t always have a complete picture of the patient’s eye-care background.” In contrast, the doctors at Global Contact Lens Specialists limit their patient load to 1,200 patients per year, allowing them to gather all the facts pertinent to each patient’s visual requirements. 

The doctors at the Global Contact Lens Specialists ask about symptoms that many people live with, thinking they are normal. They take the time to listen to their patient’s needs and symptoms, and then discuss and explain all the treatment options available. Many doctors also limit the type of lenses that they fit to patients. Global Contact Lens Specialists are different. They prescribe the best lens for the individual’s visual needs. As a result, their patients are comfortable and see clearly. 

Global Contact Lens Specialists has the state-of-the-art diagnostic tools necessary to help their patients, but use them with customized care, knowledge and compassion. The doctors form a relationship with their patients, and that is a rarity today. They have received hundreds of testimonials from patients expressing their gratitude for resolving problems that other doctors could not. Dr. Thomas Azman says, “I am most proud that each and every patient leaves my office with the understanding that they know we care about their eyes and their well-being.” At Global Contact Lens Specialists that’s a level of commitment and service we offer that you won’t often find in today’s medical world.