Treatment for LASIK Halos

Halos are a common side effect of LASIK surgery as well as a symptom of cataracts. Halos are when rings appear around bright lights and light sources. Also common and related to halos are starbursts, excessive glare, and issues with low-light and night vision.Pupil size will affect your vision quality after LASIK surgery. LASIK patients with large pupils may experience more glare halos than patients with smaller pupils.


Since pupils dilate in dim lighting, LASIK patients may notice reduced vision quality in a darkened environment compared to well-lit surroundings. Halos occur when the epithelial flap is healing, causing changes to the way one perceives and views light.


Significant under-correction, over-correction or regression. Not all patients will receive 20/20 vision after LASIK eye surgery, and contact lenses or glasses for some or all activities may still be required. If the laser removes too much or too little corneal tissue, or you do not have typical healing, your best vision outcome can be less than optimal. Furthermore, if the laser removes tissue in an uneven manner or your eye heals unevenly, astigmatism can result.


With over 25 years of LASIK experience, Dr. Azman is one of the pioneers in preventing LASIK complications and treating those with Post LASIK / PRK / RK patient. Together with his knowledge and experience, Dr. Azman and his team employ the newest technologies in instrumentation and treatment modalities. Dr. Azman is able to prescribe each patient with a solution in resolving their Post LASIK / PRK / RK difficulties.


If you are suffering from LASIK Halos or have any symptoms caused by refractive surgery please call Dr. Azman personally for a free consultation.