Post Laser Vision Problems

Treatment for Post Laser Vision Problems The breakthrough of LASIK surgery will forever be known as one of the greatest advances...

Treatment for Post Laser Vision Problems


he breakthrough of LASIK surgery will forever be known as one of the greatest advances in eye care history. People who spent most of their lives wearing glasses were suddenly able to see clearly. Others happily underwent the surgery in order to spare themselves from the aggravation of contact lenses. Anyone who complains about poor vision is now immediately asked, “Have you considered LASIK?”

It is a very popular and successful treatment for many people and we are happy to offer the service to our patients who qualify for the operation.

The first thing we do when we meet with a new patient experiencing Post Laser Vision Problems complications is assure them we will examine their particular issue in great detail, using a variety of tests & techniques to fully qualify their problem. Any eye ailment is terrifying for all patients and we want them to know they are in good hands.

Most of these people are experiencing symptoms such as dry eyes, glare, halos or star bursting. Patients with more severe symptoms typically see smeared images, their images have no contrast and/or are blurry or perhaps they are seeing double vision. Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, we can treat them.

Dr. Azman has a variety of treatment options for post-LASIK failure. Treatments can be as simple as glasses, contact lenses, or dry eye solutions. If those options are not appropriate, we can also offer intacs or a cross-linking procedure.

What makes us so advanced with the remedy of LASIK – an operation that itself is so new? Dr. Irwin Azman, has decades of experience treating and working on various conditions related to corneas, which is the core of LASIK surgery.

In addition to LASIK Complications, our experience is very extensive in  Kerataconus and Irregular corneas.

If you are experiencing Post Laser Vision Problems complications or other cornea-related issues, come visit Dr. Irwin Azman. We are the best at what we do and we only provide the best for our patients and their vision. Contact us now !