Keratoconus Contact Lenses

With new keratoconus contact lenses and scleral lenses, you can now have great vision, clarity, and comfort with lenses. Learn...

With new keratoconus contact lenses and scleral lenses, you can now have great vision, clarity, and comfort with lenses. Learn more about

Keratoconus Contact Lenses

Living with keratoconus does not need to be a life changing condition. In fact, at Gobal Complex Eye Care, we prescribe contact lenses that are designed specifically for each patient’s set of eyes. Patients who are treated with our contact lenses often seem to forget they even have keratoconus.


Gas permeable contact lenses remain among the most common solution for our patients with keratoconus. These rigid lenses are made of durable oxygen-permeable polymers that enable the transmission of oxygen. With gas permeable contact lenses, vision returns to normal without the suffocating feeling that hard lenses would provide.


To ensure the best fit for every patient, Global Complex Eye Care offers a variety of designs for gas permeable lenses including:

  • KBA bi-aspheric
  • Rose-K designs
  • IKone bi-aspheric
  • McGuire designs
  • Soper designs
  • Intra-Limbal design

While gas permeable contact lenses are popular solutions, we value the unique differences of all our patients. We thoroughly examine symptoms, medical history and comfort level before prescribing permeable lenses or any of our keratoconus treatments. Just because something works for one person does not mean it will for the next.


To stay true to this goal, we also offer customized soft lenses, hybrid lenses and scleral lenses.


Soft lenses, in some cases, are strong enough to correct the impaired vision of a keratoconic eye. The specialists at Global Complex Eye Care are trained to adjust the parameters of soft lenses to allow them to rest comfortably on the cornea. Patients are thrilled with the ease of soft lens treatment.


The soft lenses we provide to our patients include HydraKone and AlterKone.


Even though hybrid contact lenses are newer to the world of eye care, Global Complex Eye Care practitioners already have in-depth experience prescribing the lenses and achieving successful results. Hybrids are the ideal solution for patients who are not comfortable wearing gas permeable contact lenses and are not satisfied with soft lenses.


At Global Complex Eye Care we provide the following types of hybrid lenses:

  • Synergeyes Clear Kone and SynergEyes KC
  • “Piggy-back” lens systems

Scleral lenses are similar to gas permeable lenses although they are quite larger. These lenses, designed specifically for keratoconus, stretch to the white part of the eye – known as the scleral. With scleral lenses, the entire cornea is covered. Like gas permeable lenses, they are stable and dramatically improve the vision of a keratoconic eye.


Below is a list of scleral gas permeable lenses available at Global Complex Eye Care:

  • Jupiter Scleral
  • MSD
  • Macrolens

If you are ready to meet with an expert in the eye care industry to discuss your challenges with keratoconus, call Global Complex Eye Care. We treat every level of keratoconus and can easily find a solution that is comfortable, safe and effective for you.


To see a real-life example of how our treatment solutions can help enhance your quality of life, be sure to check out this recent patient testimonial…