Treatment Options for Keratoconus: PVR PROSE

Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of the eye in which the cornea thins out and takes a more conical shape...

Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of the eye in which the cornea thins out and takes a more conical shape instead of its regular gradual curve. This results in a substantial distortion in vision along with streaking, multiple images, light sensitivity, etc.

At early stages, keratoconus presents with symptoms similar to other refractive defects of the eye. However as the disease progresses the visual deterioration progresses too and results in impaired visual acuity and poor night vision.

The disease is often bilateral, but can be asymmetrical, meaning that one eye may be more affected than the other one. Ghost images are classic symptoms of keratoconus especially for images with high contrast field and are known as monocular polyopia.

PVR PROSE Treatment for Keratoconus
In early stages of keratoconus, the symptoms can be corrected by using spectacles and soft contact lenses. However as the disease progresses, they may not provide satisfactory results. PVR PROSE Treatment is helpful for those patients as it provides a good level of visual correction in them. Note that it can’t stop the progression of the condition and regular checkups to see any worsening of the condition is necessary even if the symptoms are controlled by PVR PROSE Treatment.

PVR PROSE Treatment is also useful for patients with very irregular and advanced Keratoconus. PVR PROSE devices are used to cover most of the sclera area of the eye without coming in contact with the cornea.

The purpose and aim of PVR PROSE Treatment is to:
1) Provide a healthy and stable ocular surface to support healing and help in reducing the symptoms
2) Masking corneal irregularities to improve transmission of sharp image to the retina and preventing blurring of vision
3) Protecting the cornea against eyelids and the environment to prevent further damage

Keratoconus and post-refractive ectasia are the second most frequent indication for which corneal transplantation is performed. However with PVR PROSE Treatment this can be reduced only for selective patients. If you’re experiencing any symptoms related to keratoconus then before going for surgery, consult Global Complex Eye Care to discuss the best possible treatment option for your specific case. Find out if PVR PROSE Treatment can be beneficial for you and if surgery can be avoided completely.

View the video testimonial below from a recent patient, who was suffering from Keratoconus, but was able to find the ideal treatment with the help of the team at Global Contact Lens Specialists…