LASIK Complications

LASIK Complications / Problems

After undergoing an operation like LASIK surgery, the last thing patients want to do is to continue medical treatment. Unfortunately, for every high number of successful LASIK procedures, there are a few that wind up with complications.


LASIK is a wonderful advancement in the world of vision care. At Global Complex Eye Care we have managed countless successful LASIK procedures. Unlike many eye care practitioners, our team of optometrists and ophthalmologists treat patients who develop LASIK complications and problems after the LASIK surgery.


The rumors and over-exaggerated hype that LASIK surgery failure can result in severe complications such as complete blindness is extreme. Although a situation of that nature is incredibly rare, there are potential risks of other post-operation difficulties. One complication that a very small percentage of patients encounter involves their corneal striae, otherwise known as the “flap” that is the eye’s surface. The flap is removed during the surgery and if it is not properly replaced on the cornea then problems do arise.


Dry eyes, overcorrection, halos and starbursts for post-surgery patients are other areas that we have in-depth experience in. Infections, which can be more severe, are treated at our offices as well.


Any ailment that involves the eye is scary. The doctors at Global Complex Eye Care understand this concern among their patients. That is why they continuously stay up to date with the latest research and treatments for post LASIK complications.


When patients come to our office, they are frustrated with the lack of success they had hoped for with their LASIK. They are worried about the current state and the future of their eyes and they want to know from us that they are in good hands.


We are proud that we can alleviate these concerns from the patients who walk through our doors.


Only experts in the field should perform LASIK correction treatments. There are many eye care practitioners in the country but many do not have this particular area of expertise.  Our team of optometrists and ophthalmologists have successfully treated post LASIK corrections ever since the need for it became apparent.