Post-Lasik Complications Treatment

LASIK is a surgical procedure to correct errors of refraction of the eye such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, allowing...
LASIK is a surgical procedure to correct errors of refraction of the eye such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, allowing the patient to have normal vision without using lenses or glasses. However like every surgery, there are complications of LASIK too and some cases may end up in either incomplete correction or sometimes worsening of the symptoms.

LASIK Side Effects & Complications
There are various complications of LASIK, some of them can be resolved by medication, some may require another surgery, the use of contact lenses, or PVR PROSE Treatment.

Complications of LASIK include:
– Temporary visual disturbances and discomfort
– Flap complications
– Irregular astigmatism
– Epithelial ingrowth
– DLK (diffuse lamellar keratitis)
– Keratoconus or keratectasia
– Dry eyes
– Undercorrection, overcorrection or regression
– Infection of the eye
– Decentered abalations
– Oversized pupils

Post-Lasik Complications Treatment
PVR PROSE is helpful in patients with post-lasik symptoms like corneal dystrophy and corneal ectasia. Corneal ectasia includes various conditions including keratoglobus and keratoconus.

Those patients who develop post-Lasik complications and are intolerant to contact lens, have corneal pain or scarring or suffer from recurrent corneal erosions are good candidates for PVR PROSE.

Benefits of PVR PROSE in Post-Lasik Complications
PVR PROSE devices are made from gas permeable material so that the cornea receives oxygen continually. They provide constant lubrication to the cornea through the pool of artificial tears between the device and cornea.

Benefits of PVR PROSE include:
1) Supports healing and reduces symptoms by providing a healthy ocular surface environment
2) Transmits sharp image to the eye by masking irregularities on the corneal surface, resolving blurring of vision
3) Prevents further damage and injury to the cornea by providing a shield between cornea and the environment and eyelids
4) PVR PROSE helps patients with pre or post-lasik dry eyes

Post Lasik complications are not rare, if you’re experiencing them then consult Global Complex Eye Care to discuss the prognosis and possible management options and if PVR PROSE Treatment is recommended for your case.