PROSE Treatment for Radial Keratotomy (RK)

Radial Keratotomy is a refractive surgery to correct nearsightedness (myopia) and was developed in 1974. Since then various newer procedures have been developed, however certain patients still undergo this procedure.
Radial keratotomy includes incisions on the cornea to relax the steep central cornea in patients with myopia.
Post RK Complications
Most common complication of radial keratotomy include:
– farsightedness following the surgery due to overcorrection
– undercorrection resulting in still having nearsightedness after surgery
– unstable vision due to hyperopic shift
Less common complications include:
– Best corrected vision loss
– Irregular astigmatism
– Double vision
– Glare (specially at night)
– Perforation or rupture of cornea
– Corneal infection
– Glaucoma
These complications may require repeated surgery but sometimes that may not be possible and correction through lens may be suggested. As the shape of the cornea isn’t smooth after surgery, wearing contact lenses isn’t possible. Also RK procedure makes cornea weak and prone to injury. Therefore PVR PROSE Treatment is recommended for such patients.
Post RK complications and PVR PROSE Treatment
Radial keratotomy is an extremely invasive procedure and it’s complications are not uncommon. The restored vision is not always permanent for the patients and they may require assistance through lenses after the surgery.
PVR PROSE Treatment provides a smooth surface for the light entering the eye as it doesn’t attach itself to the damaged cornea, thus the irregular cornea doesn’t affect the light rays entering the eye directly. It also provides a cushioning media and environment healthy for healing of the cornea, as there is fluid between the lens and the cornea of the eye.
A PVR PROSE device doesn’t rest on the cornea, therefore there is no irritation of the cornea and helps it heal better. PVR PROSE devices are especially helpful in patients suffering with corneal ectasia, dry eyes, irregular astigmatism, and more.
Check out this video testimonial from recent client, in which he details his complications from RK eye surgery, as well as the solution we were able to provide…