What is Corneal Erosion? – Causes and Treatment

What is Corneal Erosion? – Causes and Treatment

Most people don’t realize how much their eyes endure on a daily basis. Such everyday things as dust, foreign particles, contact lenses, toxic chemicals and scratches from fingernails and other objects can cause damage to the eyes. Some eye injuries resolve themselves in a few days, while others can result in corneal erosion.

Causes of Corneal Erosion

Corneal erosion happens when the protective layer of epithelial cells that cover the cornea are punctured or scratched. When these injuries seriously damage the epithelium, the eyes become susceptible to recurring corneal erosion. Symptoms of this condition can include blurry vision, inability to focus, redness, pain and excessive tears.

Someone who has a traumatic eye injury will likely have immediate tearing and pain. Spotty vision may occur for several days after the injury. Even after the symptoms go away, the corneal erosion can still linger. A person may think the problem is resolved until they suffer another injury and start to feel discomfort.

Although corneal damage is often the result of eye injuries, autoimmune disorders, diabetes and corneal dystrophy can weaken the eyes and make them more susceptible to corneal erosion. Even when there is not a direct injury to the eye. Seeing a specialist when serious eye injuries occur will help detect damage so it can be corrected.

Treatment for Corneal Erosion

Treatment for corneal erosion depends on the severity of the condition. A specialist may use a slit lamp to check the eye for damage. After examining the eye, the doctor can confirm a diagnosis and determine from there what treatment is best.