Relief for Corrective Eye Surgery Complications

Relief for Corrective Eye Surgery Complications

Corrective eye surgery promises to provide patients with clear vision without the need for contacts or eye glasses. For hundreds of thousands of patients, these surgeries have delivered as advertised, freeing them from the need to wear corrective lenses. But for a select few patients, this is not the case, and the results can be difficult to bear.

The Problem with Corrective Eye Surgery
No matter how careful doctors are, corrective eye surgery does not always go as planned. As with any medical procedure, eye surgery has its risks, and sometimes individuals who have corrective eye surgeries end up with discomfort, dryness and blurred vision. Unfortunately, the solution to these problems is not repeat surgery, and repeat surgery can actually make them worse.

Solutions for Corrective Eye Surgery Complications
If you are suffering from complications after eye surgery, you are likely feeling discouraged. All of the hopes you had for your life after LASIK or similar surgery are dashed. After you get over this initial disappointment, it’s important to know what your options are.

Global Contact Lens Specialists has several options to help those who have had unsuccessful corrective eye surgeries overcome the complications the surgery caused.

Two potential options include:
Scleral Lenses – Scleral lenses are a large lens that is placed on the eye. These lenses vault over the eye, fitting on the whites of the eye. This allows the space between the lens and the eye to be filled with sterile saline, which sooths irritated cornea and fills in any irregularities of the cornea.
PVR Prose Treatment – PVR Prose treatment involves the use of a customized prosthetic device that also vaults over the damaged cornea, providing a smooth surface and restoring vision. This protects the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva from damage from the environment, while also masking irregularities in the corneal surface.

Other therapies to treat surgically damaged eyes are also available, and each patient at Global Contact Lens Specialists is treated on an individual basis based on his or her unique symptoms and needs.

At Global Contact Lens Specialists, we have treatments available for those suffering after corrective eye surgery. If you have faced unexpected complications after corrective eye surgery, contact us to find relief.