Scleral Contact Lens Fogging

Scleral contact lenses provide a good choice for restoring vision when a patient experiences damage from LASIK and other similar...

Scleral contact lenses provide a good choice for restoring vision when a patient experiences damage from LASIK and other similar surgeries. However, sometimes people experience fogginess from their lenses after wearing them for several hours.

If you are experiencing this problem, the cause may be mucins and lipids from encapsulated conjunctiva and secretions and debris from pre-corneal tear film. The good news is you can take steps to limit this problem and enjoy less foggy vision.

sleral contact lensThe Problem Stems from a Design Issue
Patients who are experiencing fogging from a scleral contact lens may be suffering from a poorly designed or poorly fitting lens. In order to avoid excess conjunctiva, which leads to fogging, the landing zone of the lens needs to be properly positioned, and the lens must fit so that it does not move much when the individual blinks.

This is important because blinking serves as a pump, adding more debris and fluid to the mix. When the lens fits loosely, the blinking action pumps debris under the lens, leading to a quick fogging action.

Tear film also adds to the problem, because it contains lipids that can add to the fogginess. Reducing the tear path thickness can help, but the main way to combat this problem is to design the lens so that it does not move as much. By carefully controlling the location of the landing zone of each scleral contact lens, movement is limited, and the conjunctival entrapment is minimized.

Precision Scleral Lens Fitting Processes to Limit Fogginess Problems
If you need a scleral contact lens, Global Contact Lens Specialists offers a precise-fitting process to help minimize fogging and ensure the precise fit. Specifically, our process uses a Visante OCT, Optical Coherence Tomography, which gives us the exact data allowing to design the perfect fit! With a proper fit, less conjunctival entrapment will occur, leading to fewer problems with fogging. In addition, we may be able to use a thickening agent in the lens chamber to help combat this problem.

With the experience, knowledge, and technology available from Global Contact Lens Specialists, our Precision Scleral Lens Fitting Process obtains precise data for scleral lens design to stop fogging completely. Contact Global Contact Lens Specialists today to learn more about steps you can take to minimize fogging in your scleral contact lenses.

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