PVR PROSE Device Treatment

PVR PROSE Device Treatment
For patients who have damaged corneas and vision trouble as a result, PVR PROSE device treatment is a viable option to help deal with the damage and restore vision. The PVR PROSE lens is actually not a contact lenses, but rather a prosthetic device. The device is a transparent dome that fits under the eyelid and vaults across the damaged cornea. Because it rests on the sclera, or the white of the eye, instead of the cornea as a traditional contact lens does, it allows for the correction of vision without further irritation to the damaged cornea.

What Is a PVR PROSE Device?
The PVR PROSE device looks like a small dome about the size of a nickel coin. It is the same shape as a margarita glass without its stem. The device is made of a gas-permeable hard plastic similar to a hard contact lens. This means that oxygen can reach the cornea while the lens is in use.

How PVR PROSE Treatment Works
For patients who are good candidates for PVR PROSE treatment, the device is customized for the individual to ensure an ideal fit. When the patient is ready to wear the lens, it is first filled with a sterile saline liquid. The lens with the liquid is then placed over the eye, where the liquid bathes the eye with artificial tears to limit discomfort.

The device itself is placed on the eye using a specially designed plunger. It is worn only during waking hours and is removed and cleaned carefully to avoid damage or infection to the eye.

Benefits of PVR PROSE Treatment
PVR PROSE treatment is ideal to patients who have problems with the surface of the eye, such as occurs after complications from LASIK, ocular trauma or a variety of syndromes that cause damage or dryness to the cornea. The treatment protects the cornea and conjunctiva surfaces by preventing further damage from the environment. It also limits irritation by placing an artificial tear reservoir over the eye to keep it lubricated.

If you are dealing with chronic dry eye issues or damage to the cornea, talk to your doctor about PVR PROSE treatment. Global Contact Lens Specialists are happy to help you determine if this treatment is right for your eyes.