Treatment For Keratoconus – Testimonials

This patient has advanced Keratoconus and was diagnosed over 30 years ago. She has been to many doctors, including other keratoconus specialists and was never successful. She has tried many types of lenses including RGP lenses. She traveled from over-seas to our office and has never been happier with her vision.

Dr. Azman works with each patient individually to achieve successful results

This patient has been suffering from Keratoconus his whole life. He has been to many doctors who were not able to help with his vision and comfort. Dr. Irwin Azman, Keratoconus specialist worked with this patients through many options and treatments. With the last fitting of scleral lenses this patients has never been happier with his vision and comfort. He now wears his scleral lenses 15 hours a day with out any discomfort and sharp vision.

Dr. Azman takes the time to understand each individuals keratoconus case and provide the highest level of patient care to restore and rehabilitate their vision.


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