Post LASIK Treatment Testimonials

An estimated 12 million people have turned to LASIK surgery in an attempt to see clearly, but for 20 to...

An estimated 12 million people have turned to LASIK surgery in an attempt to see clearly, but for 20 to 30 percent of those patients, complications from surgery make seeing clearly less of a reality. In a recent spot on Maryland Spotlight, Kim Knight highlighted the work of Dr. Irwin Azman as he attempts to help people see clearly after damage from LASIK and RK surgery.

Sharon “Sammy” Bateman’s Story

In the piece, Sharon “Sammy” Bateman shared her experiences with LASIK. She said that she was tired of not being able to see and decided to have LASIK. When the surgery did not work the first time, she had it a second time. Afterwards, she suffered from extreme glare in her vision.

“I always had problems with glare, from oncoming headlights, stoplights and especially rain, and a lot of people do,” she said. “But mine intensified after I had this LASIK to the point that I couldn’t drive down the street!”

Sharon’s Story Is Not Uncommon, Dr. Azman Says

Dr. Azman says that stories like Sharon’s are not uncommon. In fact, most of the patients he sees have seen three to four different doctors in an attempt to restore their vision. According to Dr. Azman, the LASIK procedure, which uses lasers to change the structure of the cornea, always creates glare and dry eyes. For some patients, like Sharon, the problem makes it impossible for them to enjoy a normal standard of life.

Sharon finally came to Dr. Azman for help after exhausting other possibilities. “We tried everything,” she said. “Soft lenses, hard lenses, piggyback, nothing worked. My husband said, ‘why don’t you give up?'”

Dr. Azman was able to fit her with scleral contact lenses that minimized the  starburst and glare effect, so now she can see and function. “I put them on and I said, ‘Wow! Oh my goodness, I can see!'”

Dr. Azman wants people who are suffering like Sharon to know that there is hope when RK or LASIK fail. Even when other doctors refuse to treat these patients, Dr. Azman takes the time to understand their complications and give them the best possible care, helping them see free from complications again.

This patient lives in Richmond, VA and travels over 3 hours to visit our office. She had LASIK in 1999 and her vision and astigmatism were corrected. Over the past few years she has noticed the astigmatism returning with blurry vision and changes in her vision. After several visits with Dr. Azman she is now wearing customized scleral lenses and her vision has greatly improved!