Corneal Erosion Causes & Treatment

Corneal Erosion Causes & Treatment

The outermost layer of the eye, the cornea, is a smooth and clear surface that allows the light to pass through to the eye, creating vision. The cornea also protects the eye from dust and germs, and provides focusing power. Unfortunately, because it is the outermost layer of the eye, the cornea can be damaged fairly easily.

Corneal erosion occurs when the layer of epithelial cells covering the cornea are damaged and do not heal properly. This can cause discomfort, blurred vision, inability to focus and redness of the eye. After damage to the epithelium, the eyes are more susceptible to recurring problems with corneal erosion. For this reason, understanding the causes and treatments of this condition is important.

Causes of Corneal Erosion
Corneal erosion is often caused by a traumatic eye injury. When the cornea is damaged and not properly treated, the corneal erosion can linger, even without visible symptoms .this will make it more likely for the person to have future injury to the cornea.

Corneal erosion can also occur due to underlying health conditions. Autoimmune disorders, diabetes and corneal dystrophy can weaken the cornea and make it more likely that a problem with corneal erosion will develop.

Because of the increased likelihood of further injury or future discomfort, getting treatment for any traumatic eye injury right away is important, even if the initial discomfort goes away. Without the skill of a doctor, you cannot be certain that the injury will not lead to problems with corneal erosion. The treatment for corneal damage and erosion will depend on how severe the condition is, but the sooner you get treatment, the better your chances for a full recovery will be.

Treating Corneal Erosion
Corneal erosion treatment will vary depending on the cause of the condition and the overall severity of it. Dr. Irwin Azman and the team at Global Complex Eye Care and Global Contact Lens Specialists will evaluate your condition and help you find a solution that will give true relief of your symptoms. With prompt treatment, you can avoid ongoing complications and discomfort from corneal erosion, and avoid the chance that the condition will become recurring.